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Award for Excellence and Innovation in Interventional Radiology

The R.W. Günther Foundation Award for Excellence and Innovation is presented in cooperation with CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Interventional Society of Europe) for innovative work and developments in Interventional Radiology at the annual CIRSE Congress.
All applications will be reviewed by a jury. The award comes with a prize money of € 6,000.

  • 2023 Yuji Okuno, Tokyo / Japan, CIRSE Congress, Kopenhagen
  • 2022 William T. Kuo, Stanford / USA, CIRSE Congress, Barcelona
  • 2021 U. Speck, Berlin and B. Scheller, Homburg/Saar / Germany. CIRSE Summit 2021
  • 2020 F. Deschamps, Villejuif / France, CIRSE 2020 Summit
  • 2019 B. Guiu and M. Boulin, Montpellier / Dijon, France, CIRSE Congress, Barcelona
  • 2018 M. Itkin, Philadelphia / USA, CIRSE Congress, Lisbon
  • 2017 H. Henkes, Stuttgart / Germany and W.H. van Zwarm, Maastricht for the MRCLEAN Study Group / The Netherlands. CIRSE Congress Copenhagen
  • 2016 F.C. Carnevale, Sao Paulo / Brasil, CIRSE Congress, Barcelona
  • 2015 Leman Research Group, A. Dennys et al., Lausanne / Swiss. CIRSE Congress Lisbon
  • 2014 Holmium Research Group, Maurice van den Bosch et al, Utrecht / The Netherlands. CIRSE Congress, Glasgow
  • 2013 G. Soulez u. S. Lerouge, Montreal / Kanada. CIRSE Congress, Barcelona
  • 2012 A. Bolia, Leicester / UK and J. Reekers, Amsterdam / The Netherlands. CIRSE Congress Lisbon